Hey guys! It's B here. So due to how (un)popular my blog has been and the fact that I've been extremely busy lately I am saying goodbye (for now) don't get me wrong I loved doing this blog, but I have no more motivation to do this anymore. No one likes/ reads this at all. :( I wish I could say that I still love doing this, but I don't. This year has been okay but I've been so busy with a bunch of dance opportunities. Let's face it dance is my life I (probably) love it better than this. I might come back in the summer. (Or when I actually have the time/motivation)

          (Also the other day was my one year anniversary!)

                                              Goodbye for now,

Luciana Leaks!!!

Hello!! It’s been forever! Well happy-two-weeks-before-Christmas!! So this morning we got one of the best Luciana leaks ever!!! I found her on eBay about 500ish dollars... (kind of expensive for a doll that will be released in  3 weeks... so... (I will put a link in the comments of the original listing.)


                                    Haha! Jokes on you! This isn’t Luciana (scroll down more;))


                                   (Even more;))

     (Ok this is getting annoying;))

                                                       I love her so much!!<3

                       I love that she doesn’t have the new (ish) boxes that were cheap, and difficult to open.

She has such pretty eyes! <3

It looks like her chocker and (I don’t know what else is on the side of her box. 

If you very closely you can see the purple in her hair!!

Well thanks for 370+ Followers on Instagram! …

Just some random photos of Tenny;)

Hello hello!! It’s B and today I will be focusing on Miss Tenny Chrissa Grant!!!! So I will be posting pictures of her so enjoy {and feedback is always appreciated;)}

                                                I love this so much!!! 

I love this one also!!!

I kinda like this one!





When I first got Tenny!

Tenny took a selfie of herself 😋😋

I hope you enjoy these pictures of Tenny comment down below your favorite!!  Until next time, ~B

Luciana Vega!~news

Hey guys!! It's B here! Sorry I haven't posted in a while I have been super busy with School, and dance and homework and stuff... so I will try my best to post on here. I usually post on my Insagram so anyways.... now on to the main event!! (If you don't like spoilers than don't scroll down;))
                                       Everyone, meet goty 2018 Luciana Vega!!!!!!

                                               Her she is! Hahahahahahaha!! I fooled all of you! This isn't her!

                                          Here she is!!!! Luciana!!! She's really pretty! 
                                  Now some other photos (credit will be at the end of the post)

                                     Her logo thingy I'm honesty not much of a fan of the l…

My opinions~ Historicals~part two!

Hey guys B here and now I will be giving my opinions on the rest of the historicals stuff!!

                               I love this outfit so much! Definitely on my wishlist!! ;)

This set is so cute I just don't like that you have to buy the skates separate from the outfit.....

I honestly think that this one of the ugliest dresses I've ever seen. I don't mind the pattern, I think  I have to see it in person to judge.......

This is cute but you get only two items for some ridiculous amount of money so no thanks ag

I think this is adorable!! Purple is a good color for Melody!!

This is such a cue set!!! To bad it's plastic :/ 

This is cut but I much prefer the other version I don't like the plastic bin :(

Thanks for reading this LONG post ;)  ~B

My opinions~ag new release Part one~Nanea

Hey guys it's B here and I definitely think that this is one of ags best release they had in a long time! I already did a Nanea opinions on some of her collection and you can view it Here but anyway here are  some of her items!

                                                     I really love her purple dress! It's so pretty!

                                                                     I love this outfit so much!!

This is actually really cute and I might get it when it's ever on sale
This is adorable! I love how the bag isn't plastic 

This is really cute! I probably won't get this  

This is super cute!! I love how the pillow matches Nanea's school outfit!

This is super cute but I don't need it 

It's cute, but sadly it looks plastic:/ I probably won't get it 

Overall her collection is super cute!! Stay tuned for part two soon!! Until next time,                              B<3

Sun~ a photoshoot~

Hey guys! It's B! (Again) so yesterday I took some photos but just never put them on here so          that's what I'm doing!

I actually really like this photo a lot ;)

I love Tenny <3

Her hair is to die for 

Doll feet <3 

So that's it for this photoshoot I hope you like the photos!!
Until next time,         ~B