Hey guys! It's B here. So due to how (un)popular my blog has been and the fact that I've been extremely busy lately I am saying goodbye (for now) don't get me wrong I loved doing this blog, but I have no more motivation to do this anymore. No one likes/ reads this at all. :( I wish I could say that I still love doing this, but I don't. This year has been okay but I've been so busy with a bunch of dance opportunities. Let's face it dance is my life I (probably) love it better than this. I might come back in the summer. (Or when I actually have the time/motivation)             (Also the other day was my one year anniversary!)                                               Goodbye for now,                                                         B

Luciana Leaks!!!

   Hello!! It’s been forever! Well happy-two-weeks-before-Christmas!! So this morning we got one of the best Luciana leaks ever!!! I found her on eBay about 500ish dollars... (kind of expensive for a doll that will be released in  3 weeks... so... (I will put a link in the comments of the original listing.)   {WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS IF YOU DONT WANT TO SEE THAN DONT SCROLL DOWN!}                                     Haha! Jokes on you! This isn’t Luciana (scroll down more;))                            (More;))                                        (Even more;))                            (Ok this is getting annoying;))                                                                                    I love her so much!!<3                        I love that she doesn’t have the new (ish) boxes that were che

Just some random photos of Tenny;)

      Hello hello!! It’s B and today I will be focusing on Miss Tenny Chrissa Grant!!!! So I will be posting pictures of her so enjoy {and feedback is always appreciated;)}                                                                               I love this so much!!!  I love this one also!!! I kinda like this one! 😍😍 THIS IS MY FAVORITE PHOTO I EVER TOOK!!! ❤️❤️ ❤️ When I first got Tenny! Tenny took a selfie of herself 😋😋 I hope you enjoy these pictures of Tenny comment down below your favorite!!  Until next time, ~B

Luciana Vega!~news

         Hey guys!! It's B here! Sorry I haven't posted in a while I have been super busy with School, and dance and homework and stuff... so I will try my best to post on here. I usually post on my  Insagram  so anyways.... now on to the main event!! (If you don't like spoilers than don't scroll down;))                                                               .                                                               .                                                               .                                        Everyone, meet goty 2018 Luciana Vega!!!!!!                                                                                                             Her she is! Hahahahahahaha!! I fooled all of you! This isn't her!                                                                                                 Here she is!!!! Luciana!!! She's really pretty!           

My opinions~ Historicals~part two!

  Hey guys B here and now I will be giving my opinions on the rest of the historicals stuff!!                                                                        I love this outfit so much! Definitely on my wishlist!! ;)                                       This set is so cute I just don't like that you have to buy the skates separate from the outfit..... I honestly think that this one of the ugliest dresses I've ever seen. I don't mind the pattern, I think  I have to see it in person to judge....... This is cute but you get only two items for some ridiculous amount of money so no thanks ag I think this is adorable!! Purple is a good color for Melody!! This is such a cue set!!! To bad it's plastic :/  This is cut but I much prefer the other version I don't like the plastic bin :( Thanks for reading this LONG post ;)  ~B

My opinions~ag new release Part one~Nanea

Hey guys it's B here and I definitely think that this is one of ags best release they had in a long time! I already did a Nanea opinions on some of her collection and you can view it  Here  but anyway here are  some of her items!                                                                                                                I really love her purple dress! It's so pretty!                                                                                                                          I love this outfit so much!!                                                   This is actually really cute and I might get it when it's ever on sale This is adorable! I love how the bag isn't plastic  This is really cute! I probably won't get this   This is super cute!! I love how the pillow matches Nanea's school outfit! This is super cute but I don't need it  It's cute, but sadly it

Sun~ a photoshoot~

             Hey guys! It's B! (Again) so yesterday I took some photos but just never put them on here so          that's what I'm doing!                                         I actually really like this photo a lot ;) I love Tenny <3 Her hair is to die for  Doll feet <3  So that's it for this photoshoot I hope you like the photos!! Until next time,         ~B