Sun~ a photoshoot~

Hey guys! It's B! (Again) so yesterday I took some photos but just never put them on here so          that's what I'm doing!

I actually really like this photo a lot ;)

I love Tenny <3

Her hair is to die for 

Doll feet <3 

So that's it for this photoshoot I hope you like the photos!!
Until next time,         ~B

I don't know what to call this photoshoot...

Hey guys! B here, so today I have a photoshoot with the one and only Tenny!!!

                                               I honestly don't like this photo but I felt like I have to post it anyway...

                                          I love this photo so much!  <3 

                                                    I also don't like this one but whatever... :/

                                                      Doll shoes!!!! <3 I love it!!!!!

                                   I just realized that this one is similar to the second one but I loved that one so...

Create your own

Just some photos plus some I made :)

                                                                 (This is my look-alike)

                                                    It's cool how you can have your doll have heterochromia.

                                                           That's al folks!                                                                           ~B

My options~ Nanea Mitchell

Hey everyone It's B and just last week (I think) Nanea was released to gold and berry members only... so today I decided to post my opinions :)

First we have Nanea herself!! She is so pretty I love her face her hair is like JLY 55, but everyone loves 55 so it was a good decision on ag's part :)

Nanea' accessories~ there cute Her first name is actually Alice, so that's interesting, I guess... 

                                                             Her dog Mele is super cute 

Her pajamas are super cute I love the colors and style but no sippers..... 

Her hula outfit is really cute it's kind of similar to Kanani's but different at the same time... :)


Sorry If I haven't posted in a month... I have been so busy with my POL (Presentation Of Learning), School, and friends I will try to post more in the Summer when I have more free time meanwhile, check out my Instagram .
                       Until next time,


It's Official! No more Perma-panties, and cheap looking boxes! In an announcement on Facebook from ag it basically said No more permanent-panties, no more cheap boxes!
           We will be celebrating!!

Meet the Family~ Emily

Name: Emily Marie Bennett Age: 14 Allergies: peanuts Favorites:  Color: purple  Food: Anything healthy

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