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It's Official! No more Perma-panties, and cheap looking boxes! In an announcement on Facebook from ag it basically said No more permanent-panties, no more cheap boxes!
           We will be celebrating!!

Meet the Family~ Emily

Name: Emily Marie Bennett Age: 14 Allergies: peanuts Favorites:  Color: purple  Food: Anything healthy

Please Check back for new posts and stuff!  ~Emily & B~

Meet The Family~ Isabelle

Hey Guys! It's Isabelle Want to know more about me than here we go!
Name~ Isabelle Rose Palmer Age~ 10 ~Favorites~ Color~ Pink  Food~ any pasta  Song~ Don't have one :)
~Other~ Allergies~ Bees, Lactose, Pollen, and Penutbutter

Any Questions Please ask in comments!!  ~Isabelle & B~ Emily's will come soon!


Hi! I'm B I am 13 years old and I love dance and basketball. I have two amazing dolls. Isabelle, and Emily. Join our crazy family!

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